About us

A contribution to urban transformation in Bogotá:

Titan Plaza is the union and experience of two renowned construction companies: Cusezar and Ospinas, which work to contribute to the urban enviroment, providing cities with a high quality infrastructure to ensure wellness for its people.

The project was designed to provide not only a commercial offer and a place of entertainment, also, a sustainable shopping mall that transformed the sector urbanistically. Under this premise, Cusezar and Ospinas after establishing that the surrounding area mobilizes more than 1 million people daily, intervened 50.000 M2 of public space and developed this impressive building; which represents a gift to the city and an entertainment option for residents and tourists. 

Great entertainment options:

On the fourth floor your can find new generation movie theaters, 4.000 m2 in restaurants area, water fountains shows, playgrounds and premium brands which make of Titan Plaza one of the most innovative commercial platforms in Latinamerica.