Social Commitment

Titan Plaza was designed to generate a unique experience in its visitors.

Enviromentally friendly, for this reason the mall has a bioclimatic desing that regulates energy, is the first shopping mall on having green housing and thinking of the visitors wellness, the area known as Titan Drive (special area for parking and taking taxi service) was built with a special material which catch carbon dioxide molecules from cars to assure that people who are waiting for taxi service or their cars can breathe clean air.

What else are we doing?

We used rain water for toilets.
Toilet paper is biodegradable.
Titan Plaza joins post-consumptiom programs to manage special and dangerous waste.
We implement treatment systems to diminish water sources contamination.
Our LED lighting system contributes to achieve 70% in energy savings.
We installed water pressure controllers for saving and optimizing consumption.

Under the concept of an environmentally friendly shopping center, a bioclimatic design was made that regulates energy. Titan Plaza is the first shopping center to have a green roof.

Also, thinking about the well-being of the visitors was designed the Titan Drive, innovative concept in the style of lobby of reception of hotels around the world, which allows anyone arriving in your vehicle to enter with this to the shopping area and Leave your passengers and go to the parking lot of the Mall, or simply take a taxi safely and comfortably, as is done comfortably in buildings that have an exclusive area for these purposes.

Titan Plaza is the first shopping center to have a Drive, which is built with a special material, which traps the carbon dioxide released by cars, so people can wait for your vehicle or a taxi in an environmentally clean space.

How can you help us?

For keeping water sources clean, don’t throw away toilet paper into them.
Recycle, classify waste.
Avoid to throw away into the pipelines organic waste like cooking oil.
Use low consumption lighting.
Responsibly use drinking water.

Environmental Practices Titan Plaza

When people know the importance of water for the planet and good sanitary practices to preserve, they generate conscientious responsibility and among all, that is why in Titan Plaza campaigns in alliance with the Aqueduct to generate awareness of care, saving and efficient use Water In addition, we conducted the accompaniment to the 67 food places to check compliance with the regulations and the implementation of good practices in their control processes and food handling in order to offer the best service to all visitors.